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Hindman Show Lambs Board Bid Sale
Sunday, February 25th - Bids due by 5PM

Sampling of the bucks being sold in Board Bid Sale

Tag J031
Bull x Shower Chicken



Tag J205
Rabbit x Shower Chicken



Tag J197
Rabbit x Shower Chicken



Tag J222
Rabbit x Lunch Line



Tag J071
Bull x Shower Chicken






Hindman Show Lambs Online Sale

Monday, February 26th - held at



Contact Mike for details!

Turtle Man

Turtle Man

Turtle Man has been our keeper buck from the day he was born and we feel he's the best buck lamb that we have ever raised before. Everybody that has see him loves how neat made and shallow he is but yet he's so blowed apart clear through him with muscles shape and combines the skeletal correctness that is so hard to get.


Don't miss out on a chance to purchase semen from one of the most talked about rams in the country!
For more information, contact Mike at 515.491.7829

Stud Duck

Owned with Middlesworth Club Lambs